When you are ready to print please know your options:

1-Print from this website  (The BUY button will take you to a third party pro lab.)   I have chosen this lab for my website and I use WHCC myself.  I approve!  They can print on just about anything and everything.  Other advantages is that they will ship directly to you.

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2- Print directly through me, (You could save a little bit of cash this route by cutting out the middle man)    just email me your order, (I WILL NEED THE IMAGE NUMBER...ex. DCS_1125)        The obvious advantages here are that I will edit and do custom touch ups.   My time frame however will be a bit slower than the first option.

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3-You can  have places like Wal-Mart, Costco, Walgreens etc print :(   I strongly suggest not using these types of printers for many reasons, but  this is an option for you.     You will need to have the copyright release document (it has been emailed to you)  with you or at least show at checkout.

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