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What a great time in your life!     As you have been learning throughout your high school years...  LIFE isn't just about any ONE thing....It's about the Experience!    So, I invite you to be part of the professional difference by having a "great experience"  with me on YOUR photo shoot!    

The science of what I do is simple:

My goal is to create an energy and atmosphere where YOU feel comfortable,  relaxed,  confident, and special.      Some of your best "looks" and expressions can only be captured when an ambience  like this is fasioned.   I will take you to amazing locations that will compliment YOU and the look YOU want.    I'll work with you on your outfits, and props which will add even more WOW  to the overall experience.     I have a great eye  for what looks good and what will not;  from the grand composition to the smallest of details.

 You will have fun.. you will laugh... you will feel good because you are good, and attractive because you are that too.  You will feel important and celebrated  and the images we get will STOP TIME, and PEOPLE!    You will get noticed!       SO...QUIT being SO HARD on yourself and pick up your phone and give me a call.       

Best  appointment times are weekdays, late afternoon, early evening,  Avoid the weekends if possible as location will be less crowded!  Thank YOU!                                                    

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