Bannack might be the only town in the west to have had the leader of an outlaw gang as its sheriff. His name was Henry Plummer. The stagecoach route between Bannack and Virginia City was the scene of holdups, robberies and murders that made it almost impossible to travel the road safely. The Sheriff of Bannack headed the outlaw gang. Having escaped from California and Nevada to Montana, Plummer set himself up as a law abiding, God fearing citizen of Bannack. He convinced the citizenry to elect himself Sheriff, which they did, ignorant of his background and his plans for the future. Plummer and his gang of outlaws were responsible for over a hundred murders before he was found to be the leader of the outlaws. Time being of the essence, gallows were promptly constructed in back of a saloon and he was hanged along with several members of his gang. A visit to Bannack is in order. Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.

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